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Great roads


The A258 is not the fastest of the routes that you could take, nevertheless I'm sure you'll be glad to have driven along it. The shaded S-bends, breath-taking elevations and fast sections alternating with slow scenic sections makes this road a must-drive if you want to soak in the Kentish way of life. There's also a lot to see and many places to visit for such a short stretch of road.


With something for everyone how can you not like the A39? Ever changing scenery, a road layout that'll keep you guessing and hills so steep it'll make your bum clench. Even the odd farm vehicle and heavier traffic in the summer doesn't de-tract from its charm. With bends to negotiate, hills to climb and Exmoor to soar over, time will bomb past and you won't have a care in the world, whenever you decide to drive it.


The Llanberis Pass runs through a primordial landscape so moving even a heathen would struggle not to question their lack of faith on beholding such raw natural beauty. Capel Curig to Caernarfon is a stunning journey and a glorious drive, probably over too quickly but the best often are. Get yourself Welsh-side and enjoy their amazing roads, then get yourself in one of their pubs and enjoy their infectious banter.


Don't come to Aberystwyth for the Full Welsh Breakfast, it's like the English version but smaller. Come for the A44, it has it all - fluidity, smooth tarmac and amazing scenery. When you hit the roundabout at Llangurig, turn around and do it again. You might even find time for a stroll on the pier.


If size matters then this big Mac will satisfy any appetite. I cannot describe how insignificant you feel as you drive through the prehistoric terrain so you'll just have to experience it for yourself. Variable road conditions and motor homes a plenty do not dampen this phenomenal road. Forget about Nessie, the real beast is the A82 and she certainly isn't camera shy.


This road caters for many palettes. For the Sunday morning, radio on type of journey then the A85 will be the perfect accompaniment and the scenery will do it's utmost to visually compliment your musical choice. Likewise if you're in a toe down, radio eff off kind of mood then the A85 will step up and deliver a hit of adrenalin and you'll be hooked, anticipating what's beyond every crest and bend. It's a great drive and although it pulls its ace 4 miles in, the drama continues throughout.


With scenery that'll get the juices flowing and a road layout that'll get the blood pumping, overlook this road (as I nearly did) and you'll be the one missing out. Be careful when you visit this area as I'm sure it can get busy. It may be smaller than you'd like but it does hit the mark. Think of it as a really nice glass of port, innocuously small but packing a wallop for the taste buds, and in perfect harmony with its surroundings.


It's a rascal of a road that needs a good clip around the ear. Enjoy it safely and you'll have a cracking little journey, get over zealous and you could regret it. The B3306 is tight, technical and twisty and more claustrophobic than the coffin they'll carry you away in if you treat it like your personal playground and not the very public road that it is. The best of the 13 miles is in the first 5, but on a stretch like this who's counting. Ironically, with all the talk of death this road is anything but lifeless, and can't fail to make you feel very, very alive.


At times I guarantee you'll find your lips curling into a smile when you round a corner or reach a brow and are presented with the road ahead. It's this uncertainty of what lies beyond that makes this schizophrenic stretch of road so engaging to drive. The B4520 is an energetic drive and its characteristics are as changing as the scenery. I'd recommend you double check your driving position before you start because, believe me, once you get going you won't want to stop to correct it. If you're looking for a rollercoaster of a drive you'll not go far wrong with this. The B4520 may like the rough stuff but she's still a lady that will burn you if you don't treat her with respect.

The Evo Triangle

If it's good enough for Evo, it's good enough for anyone. Expect an absorbing and quite technical road in places, with minimal traffic and stunning Welsh countryside (and sheep). Forget the Bermuda triangle, the Evo triangle is where it's at and as you're not going anywhere you won't mind getting lost.